Everything you need to know about PISTA Motorsports

PISTA Motorsport is another anticipated title in the sim racing genre, particularly for its unique focus on replicating the Argentinian motorsport scene. Here’s a deeper dive into what PISTA Motorsport aims to offer:


  • Unique Focus: Unlike most global racing simulations, PISTA Motorsport is dedicated to bringing the Argentinian motorsport experience to the forefront. This includes cars, tracks, and racing culture specific to the region.
  • Developer: The game is being developed by REG Simulations, known for their previous work on Assetto Corsa mods. Their transition to developing a standalone sim racing title has garnered attention due to their detailed and authentic approach to simulation.

Key Features and Developments

  • Car Lineup: PISTA Motorsport promises a diverse range of cars, from single-seaters to the uniquely adapted Turismo Pista Fiat Uno. This variety aims to provide a full spectrum of the Argentinian racing scene​.
  • Tracks: The game will feature detailed replications of real-world Argentinian venues such as Autodromo de Rosario, Autódromo Roberto José Mouras, and Autódromo San Nicolás. These tracks are known for their challenging layouts and are integral to the authentic Argentinian racing experience​.

Gameplay and Expectations

  • Early Access and Development: Originally slated for an earlier release, PISTA Motorsport’s early access phase has been pushed to allow more time for polishing and enhancing the game. This approach ensures that the final product meets the high standards set by the community and developers alike.
  • Cross-Platform Plans: Following its initial launch on PC, there are plans to expand PISTA Motorsport to major consoles and introduce cross-platform play, broadening its accessibility and community reach​.

Community and Reception

  • Modding Background: The move from modding Assetto Corsa to creating a full-fledged game has the community excited. The developers’ previous work has been well-received, suggesting high competence in delivering quality racing simulations.
  • Anticipation: The focus on a less globally represented racing scene has created a niche anticipation among sim racers, especially those interested in exploring different motorsport cultures.


PISTA Motorsport is setting itself up as a distinctive title in the sim racing world by focusing on an area of motorsport that rarely receives such detailed attention in video games. With a commitment to authenticity and quality, the game could provide a fresh perspective and experience within the sim racing genre.

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