Gran Turismo 7 Online Time Trial: Nine Lives

A new Gran Turismo 7 Online Time Trial is available from today, setting players a challenge of lapping one of the greatest cars to never race — and one of GT’s “three legendary cars”.

The Gran Turismo 7 Online Time Trial: Nine Lives featured the Jaguar XJ13, one of the game’s “legendary cars,” on a two-week challenge that ended on April 18, 2024.

These challenges are not live events, but time trials where you compete against the clock and the global leaderboard. While the specific challenge is over, here’s some general information that might be helpful:

  • Target: Achieve a lap time within 3% of the global best time to earn Gold and 2,000,000 credits. Silver earns 1,000,000 credits and Bronze earns 250,000 credits.
  • Car: Jaguar XJ13
  • Track: (likely) One of Gran Turismo’s many tracks

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