Next Level Racing® Go Kart Plus Cockpit: A Comprehensive Review

The Next Level Racing® Go Kart Plus cockpit emerges as a versatile and dynamic sim racing setup that caters to a wide audience, from budding enthusiasts to seasoned racers. Priced at $599, this racing cockpit combines adaptability, robust features, and a thoughtful design, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about racing simulations.

Built for the Family This cockpit is ingeniously crafted to cater to both young and adult racers, accommodating heights ranging from 110 cm to 200 cm and waist sizes up to 40 inches. Its ergonomic design authentically replicates a Go Karting position, providing a realistic and comfortable racing experience. The custom-designed Go Kart style seat, covered in premium fabric, not only adds a touch of elegance but also makes maintenance a breeze—ideal for any family setup. The addition of Next Level Racing® Lockable Castor wheels enhances its practicality, allowing for easy movement and storage.

Versatility in Use The Go Kart Plus cockpit is not just about racing; it’s also about versatility. It offers adjustments in seat angle, pedal distance, and wheel position, shifting effortlessly from Go Kart to GT-style setups. This feature is particularly beneficial for families or individuals who enjoy a variety of racing game titles and styles.

Training and Professional Prep For those looking to sharpen their racing skills, the cockpit’s compatibility with high-end sim racing hardware like the Next Level Racing® Motion Plus and Traction Plus platforms (though these require an additional adaptor kit) is a significant advantage. This setup can handle the rigor of intense training sessions with high-end load cells and hydraulic pedals, making it a sturdy base for both practice and competitive racing.

Customization Galore The Go Kart Plus cockpit stands out with its personalization options. The included bumper kit and sticker pack allow users to add a personal touch with race numbers and names, enhancing the ownership experience. For those who wish to expand their setup further, additional accessories like the Direct Monitor Mounts and Motion Adaptor Kit are available for purchase, though they come at extra cost.

Sim Racing Optimized This cockpit is meticulously designed to meet the demands of authentic sim racing. Its adjustable settings for the seat, wheel, and pedals ensure that every racer finds their perfect driving position. Compatible with a range of wheel setups from entry-level to direct drive systems up to 13 NM, the Go Kart Plus is ready to bring any virtual race to life.

Conclusion The Next Level Racing® Go Kart Plus cockpit is an excellent choice for families, trainers, and racing enthusiasts looking for a multi-functional, durable, and customizable racing setup. Its well-thought-out design and comprehensive feature set justify the investment, promising countless hours of exciting and realistic racing for users of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re gearing up for competitive events or seeking enjoyable race days with loved ones, the Go Kart Plus cockpit is built to deliver top-notch performance and reliability.

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