Assetto Corsa Evo: A Glimpse into the Future of Racing Simulations

Kunos Simulazioni, the mastermind behind the revered racing simulator Assetto Corsa, has officially unveiled the title for its highly anticipated sequel—Assetto Corsa Evo. This revelation was cleverly integrated as an Easter egg in the newly released Nurburgring DLC for Assetto Corsa Competizione.

In a captivating move, the teaser was embedded within the signage at the Nurburgring 24h track, specifically at the Kumho Kurve. Here, a conspicuous, non-existent-in-reality black sign captures the attention of players. Normally displaying “2024”—hinting at the expected release year for Assetto Corsa 2—the sign occasionally switches to a QR code. This code leads to a teaser page on the Assetto Corsa website, labeled intriguingly as “Assetto Corsa Evo.”

The teaser page, although occasionally struggling to load, presents a brief video clip showcasing the new game’s name alongside the tagline “Driving Simulation Evolved”. This tagline not only hints at the advanced technology underpinning the new game but also aligns with Kunos’s ambition to redefine the driving simulation genre.

Assetto Corsa developer Kunos Simulazioni has teased the new title of Assetto Corsa Evo for the upcoming sequel, by way of a nifty little clue in the new Nurburgring DLC pack for ACC.

Interestingly, the teaser’s timing and the QR code’s integration raise eyebrows, especially considering its debut aligned closely with April Fools’ Day—a day notorious for pranks and faux announcements. However, the community has reasons to believe this is no jest, as Kunos confirmed the name change across its social media platforms shortly after.

The choice of “Evo” in the title suggests a significant evolution from its predecessors. The term evokes notions of advancement and refinement, likely indicating major enhancements in gameplay, physics, and graphics facilitated by an all-new engine developed by Kunos.

For enthusiasts eager to explore these innovations firsthand, the 24H Nurburgring Pack for ACC is now available. This addition not only features the complete 15.7-mile layout of the 24H Nurburgring but also includes updates like new liveries for the Alpine Esports series and various game tweaks.

As the racing community buzzes with anticipation, more details about Assetto Corsa Evo are eagerly awaited. With this strategic reveal, Kunos Simulazioni promises a future where virtual racing mirrors the thrills and complexities of real-world motorsports more closely than ever before.

And while we’re waiting for more information on Assetto Corsa Evo — you’ll need to grab the AC and ACC which is available on Xbox and PS.

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