Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2

The Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2 represent a significant update in Fanatec’s lineup of sim racing peripherals, targeted at enthusiasts looking to enhance their driving experience with a blend of affordability, high quality, and excellent performance. These pedals are designed to provide a realistic racing feel for gamers and sim racers alike. Here’s a detailed review of the Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2, focusing on their design, functionality, performance, and overall value.

Design and Build Quality

The CSL Elite Pedals V2 are built from durable materials, mainly high-grade aluminum, which gives them a sturdy and premium feel underfoot. The design is sleek and functional, with a focus on stability and ergonomics. The pedal faces are adjustable, allowing users to position them according to their comfort and driving style, which enhances the overall usability of the set.


The pedal arms, faces, and heel rest are made from cast and machined aluminium, with a durable powder-coated finish. Additional bracing towards the rear of the assembly provides extra stiffness and stability under heavy load.


These pedals are highly compatible across Fanatec’s product range, able to integrate seamlessly with any Fanatec wheel base via the Fanatec ecosystem. This makes them a versatile choice for users looking to build or upgrade their setup within the Fanatec family. Additionally, they can be used as a standalone unit connected to a PC via USB, making them flexible for various setups and user preferences.

Setup and Usability

Setting up the CSL Elite Pedals V2 is straightforward:

  • Installation: The process is simple, with all necessary hardware included. The pedals need to be mounted to a stable surface or a sim racing cockpit to ensure they do not shift during use.
  • Adjustability: Each pedal’s position and angle can be adjusted to match the user’s ergonomics, and the included optional rubber feet provide extra stability for those who do not have a cockpit.


The CSL Elite Pedals V2 excel in providing a realistic and responsive driving experience. They feature a load cell brake, which is a significant upgrade for precision braking. This load cell allows for pressure-based braking rather than positional, mimicking the feel of a real car’s brake system and greatly enhancing brake control and consistency. The throttle and clutch (optional) are also designed to deliver a smooth and realistic feel, adding to the overall immersive experience of sim racing.

Software and Features

While the CSL Elite Pedals V2 can be used with basic plug-and-play functionality, taking full advantage of their features requires connecting them to a PC or console via a Fanatec wheel base. This connection unlocks the ability to fine-tune and customize pedal settings through the Fanatec software, adjusting brake sensitivity, pedal travel, and more to personal preferences.


The CSL Elite Pedals V2 are positioned as a mid-range option in the market, offering a balance between affordability and high performance. This pricing makes them an accessible choice for serious sim racers who need reliable and precise hardware without breaking the bank.


Overall, the Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2 are an excellent choice for sim racing enthusiasts who are looking for an upgrade in realism and performance. With their solid build, high compatibility, and advanced features like the load cell brake, these pedals provide a professional racing experience at a competitive price. Whether you are competing in sim racing events or just enjoying casual gaming, the CSL Elite Pedals V2 will undoubtedly enhance your driving precision and enjoyment.

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