Fanatec Handbrake v1.5

The Fanatec Handbrake V1.5 is a specialized peripheral designed to enhance the sim racing experience, particularly for fans of rally and drifting genres. This device offers a level of control and realism that is hard to find in more generic setups, making it a favorite among enthusiasts who seek an immersive and authentic driving experience. Here’s a detailed review of the Fanatec Handbrake V1.5, highlighting its design, functionality, performance, and overall value.

Design and Build Quality

The Fanatec Handbrake V1.5 boasts a solid construction, primarily made from high-quality aluminum, which ensures durability and stability during intense gaming sessions. Its ergonomic design is suitable for both rally-style pulling and GT-style pushing, making it versatile across different racing disciplines. The handle is comfortably padded, providing a good grip that enhances the feel and response during usage.


One of the standout features of the Fanatec Handbrake V1.5 is its broad compatibility. It can be directly connected to any Fanatec Wheel Base or Fanatec Racing Wheel with an RJ12 cable, integrating seamlessly into an existing Fanatec ecosystem. For those using non-Fanatec wheel bases, the handbrake can also be connected to a PC via the Fanatec ClubSport USB Adapter, broadening its usability across various setups.

Setup and Usability

Setting up the Fanatec Handbrake V1.5 is relatively straightforward:

  • Mounting: The device includes several mounting options, which allow for side or top attachment to a racing rig. This flexibility makes it easy to install in a position that is comfortable and natural based on personal preference and the specific requirements of the racing setup.
  • Calibration: The handbrake requires minimal calibration, and it is ready to use almost out of the box with most configurations, especially when integrated with other Fanatec hardware.


The performance of the Fanatec Handbrake V1.5 is impressive. It offers precise and smooth action, which is crucial for executing controlled drifts and rapid stops. The analog input provides a range of sensitivity that mimics the feel of a real car’s handbrake, giving drivers better control over their vehicle’s rear traction. This can be a game-changer in rally simulations and drifting scenarios, where fine control over the handbrake can significantly impact driving technique and race outcomes.


Use the handbrake together with Fanatec racing wheels on either PC or consoles like PS4™ / Xbox One®. It is also compatible with other wheel brands if connected to the optional ClubSport USB Adapter (PC only). 

Software and Features

While the handbrake itself does not come with standalone software, it integrates flawlessly with Fanatec’s ecosystem, allowing users to adjust settings via the Fanatec driver interface when connected to a PC. This integration ensures that users can fine-tune the handbrake’s performance to match their driving style and the specifics of the game they are playing.


The Fanatec Handbrake V1.5 is priced competitively within the market for sim racing handbrakes, reflecting its high quality and the performance it delivers. It is an excellent value for sim racers who are looking to enhance their racing rigs with professional-grade hardware that offers high reliability and performance.


Overall, the Fanatec Handbrake V1.5 is an exceptional addition to any sim racing setup, especially for players focused on disciplines that require frequent and precise use of a handbrake. Its solid build, excellent performance, and easy integration make it a worthwhile investment for enhancing the realism and control in sim racing. Whether you’re an amateur enthusiast or a seasoned racer, the Fanatec Handbrake V1.5 promises to elevate your driving experience to new heights.

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