Fanatec GT DD Pro

The Fanatec GT DD Pro is a highly acclaimed entry in Fanatec’s lineup of direct drive racing wheels, designed to bring the professional-grade performance of direct drive technology to a more accessible price point. This system is targeted towards both serious racing enthusiasts and gamers looking to elevate their sim racing experience with a high-quality, reliable setup. Here’s an in-depth review of its features, performance, and overall value.

Design and Build Quality

The GT DD Pro features a compact and robust design, embodying Fanatec’s commitment to quality. The wheel base is equipped with a direct drive motor that can deliver up to 8Nm of torque, which is quite substantial for its class. The build quality is solid, using high-grade materials to ensure durability and a premium feel. The system’s aesthetics are sleek and professional, fitting well in any gaming setup.

Technology revolution.

In 2001, Gran Turismo™ 3 introduced breakthrough force feedback technology to PlayStation®. Developed in parallel with the CSL DD, it is once again a Gran Turismo wheel which introduces next-generation force-feedback technology to the mass market: Direct Drive.


One of the GT DD Pro’s standout features is its broad compatibility. It seamlessly integrates with PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, making it a go-to choice for console users. Additionally, it is fully compatible with PC, offering versatility for gamers who play across multiple platforms. The wheel base also supports a wide range of Fanatec wheel rims, pedals, and other accessories, allowing for extensive customization.

Setup and Usability

Setting up the GT DD Pro is straightforward, thanks to Fanatec’s user-friendly design. The system is practically ready to use out of the box with minimal assembly required—simply mount the wheel base to your desk or racing rig, attach the wheel rim, and connect the pedals. The quick-release system for changing rims enhances usability, making it easy to switch setups based on different racing types or personal preference.

Once you feel it, there’s no going back.

When the steering wheel is directly mounted to the motor shaft, there’s no belt or gear drive to dilute the force feedback effects. Direct Drive is the clear choice of all professional drivers and enthusiast sim racers, and it’s now available to a broader audience.


The direct drive motor provides clean and precise force feedback, which is a significant step up from belt-driven or gear-driven systems. The feedback is not only strong but also highly detailed, allowing drivers to feel nuanced differences in road textures and tire grip. This level of detail offers a more immersive experience and can help improve lap times by giving better feedback on handling dynamics.

Software and Features

The GT DD Pro comes with the Fanalab software suite, which allows users to fine-tune various aspects of the wheel’s performance, including force feedback settings, steering angle, and more. This customization capability is a great advantage for racers who like to tweak their gear to match their driving style perfectly.


The Fanatec GT DD Pro is positioned as an entry-level direct drive system, but its performance and features set it apart from other entry-level competitors. The price is reasonable considering the technology and performance it offers, making it an excellent investment for those looking to get serious about their racing setup without venturing into the higher-end price range.

Fanatec GT DD Pro Assembly Guide

Tools Needed:

  • Hex keys (usually included)
  • Phillips head screwdriver

Step 1: Unboxing and Parts Verification

  • Unbox your GT DD Pro system and lay all components on a flat, soft surface to prevent any damage or scratches.
  • Check the parts list: Ensure all pieces are included as per the manual. This typically includes the wheel base, a wheel rim, a pedal set, power supply, and connecting cables.

Step 2: Mounting the Wheel Base

  • Choose a stable surface: The wheel base needs a sturdy platform, such as a dedicated sim racing rig or a strong desk.
  • Secure the base: Attach the wheel base using the clamps provided or bolt it down to a sim racing rig if available. It’s important to ensure the base is firmly attached to prevent any movement during use.

Step 3: Attaching the Steering Wheel

  • Connect the steering wheel: Align the steering wheel with the shaft on the wheel base. The GT DD Pro uses a simplified quick-release system that makes it easy to attach and detach wheel rims.
  • Secure the wheel: Lock the quick-release mechanism to ensure the wheel is securely attached to the base. This should be straightforward and require no tools.

Step 4: Connecting the Pedals

  • Place the pedals: Position your pedal set where it will be comfortable for driving. If using a rig, the pedals can usually be bolted down.
  • Connect the pedals to the base: Use the cable provided to connect the pedals to the appropriate port on the wheel base.

Step 5: Power and Data Connections

  • Connect the power supply: Plug the power adapter into the wheel base and then into a power outlet. Ensure the power switch on the base is off while doing this.
  • Connect to your console or PC: Use the USB cable to connect the wheel base to your PlayStation or PC. Make sure the connection is secure.

Step 6: Software Installation and Configuration

  • Install necessary drivers and software: Download the latest drivers and Fanalab software from the Fanatec website. Install these on your PC if you are using the GT DD Pro with a computer.
  • Calibrate your equipment: Follow the on-screen prompts to calibrate the wheel and pedals. Adjust the force feedback, steering angle, and other settings according to your preference.

Step 7: Final Adjustments and Testing

  • Check all connections: Make sure everything is tightly secured and correctly set up. Cable management is important to keep your racing area tidy and to prevent any accidents.
  • Test the setup: Power on the device and perform a test run with a racing game to ensure all components are working harmoniously. Adjust your settings as needed for optimal performance.

Following these steps will help you properly assemble your Fanatec GT DD Pro. Regular maintenance, such as checking connections and keeping the system clean, will ensure your setup remains in top condition for the best racing experience.


The Fanatec GT DD Pro is an outstanding racing wheel for both new and experienced sim racers. Its solid construction, excellent force feedback, wide compatibility, and reasonable price make it a compelling option for anyone looking to upgrade their sim racing experience. Whether you are a competitive racer or a hobbyist, the GT DD Pro offers the performance and reliability needed to immerse yourself fully in the world of racing simulations.

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